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Is Your Chocolate Contaminated? Heavy Metals Lurk in Popular Treats, Raising Concerns

A broken chocolate bar with traces of heavy metals, set against a blurred background of a laboratory, symbolizing the hidden health risks in popular treats.

Craving a square of dark chocolate for its antioxidants and health benefits? Hold on a minute. A new investigation by Consumer Reports reveals widespread contamination of chocolate with heavy metals like lead and cadmium, raising serious concerns about food safety and potential health risks. The study, building on their earlier findings on dark chocolate, tested […]

California Legislature Passes Landmark Bill Banning Harmful Food Additives

Safe and Sweet: Protecting Children's Health from Harmful Food Additives

The California Legislature has taken a significant step in the realm of food safety by passing Assembly Bill 418, a groundbreaking piece of legislation aimed at banning four harmful food additives. This bill, if signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, will have far-reaching implications for the food industry, public health, and consumer confidence. Starting in 2027, […]

American Hydrogen Fuel Station Manufacturer Expands to Japan

Hydrogen Renewable Energy Vehicle Station

Millennium Reign Energy (MRE), an American hydrogen manufacturer, has installed a brand new hydrogen fuel station in Fukushima Japan.  This was a joint effort with Tajima Motor Corp. MRE is pushing their goals towards wide-spread global acceptance and use of renewable green hydrogen fuel.  Founder Chris McWhinney is a leading advocate for lessening the world’s […]